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Tracker Pocket Tracker Pocket

Manufactured by Thrill Inc., this simple but reliable universal tracker pocket that gets sewn onto your deployment bag. We recommend attaching it so it’s on top of the packed rig, making charging access easy by just opening the flaps, but not needing to unpack the canopy. This is the same pocket that’s available as an option on OEM and custom deployment bags.

Our Price: $11.00
RAT Pocket (Riser Attached Tracker) RAT Pocket (Riser Attached Tracker)

The RAT Pocket (Riser Attached Tracker) manufactured by Thrill Inc wraps around the riser and has a spandex panel that will stretch to accommodate your GPS tracker. Great for CRW and XRW pilots. The RAT is also great for anyone flying a full RDS as you can still track your canopy after the deployment bag has been removed.

Our Price: $18.50
Hybrid Lightning Bridle Hybrid Lightning Bridle

Made from Dacron 900 and Spectra 1000. OEM, competition and custom sizes availble.

Our Price: $35.00
Double Hook Knife Set Double Hook Knife Set

Manufactured by Thrill Inc and made from the best materials available, this set includes two Benchmade 8 Rescue Hook Strap Cutters.

Our Price: $200.00