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Our Price: $249.00
Sale Price: $245.00
Savings: $4.00

Chin Cup Release:


Fuel Mounts:

Helmet Bag:



**Please note, we do not keep Fuel's in stock, and it will take about 2-3 weeks before we ship**

Optional Features: Two Internal or Visible Audible altimeter ports to suite L&B and Alti 2 Products

Top Mounting Camera Mount for Standard Go Pro or Cookie Go Pro Roller Mount

Flat Side Mount for use of Contour or Sony Action Camera’s brackets. Camera Mount not included

Optional Top Mounting Camera Mount for Standard Go Pro or Cookie Go Pro Roller Mount- The design of the Fuel GP2/GP3 Roller Mount provides a low center of gravity Go Pro mounting solution whilst enclosing the base of the camera. The design easily allows the use to adjust the viewing camera angle over a 75deg range and the mount has graduated marks so you can easily set your desired angle of view, time and time again. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized finish, the GP2 roller mount is designed to suite the Hero 2/3 range of Go Pro camera’s.

The New Fuel Cutaway Chinstrap is a release system that meets the specific needs of the Fuel headgear. The Cutaway system has been tested in accordance with the FPF standard for camera headgear release systems.

This Fuel GoPro Top Mount allows you to use the proprietary click in style Go Pro Mounts. Easily remove the Fuel top plate and install. Please use Go Pro Camera lock when using this mount.

Sony Sleeve- Coupled with the Fuel Flat Side mount the Sony Sleeve allows you to side mount the Sony AR 15. Also compatible with the G# and any flat side helmet.

Fuel L&B Audible Mount- This style of mounting option for the Fuel headgear is to easily access the control buttons and screen on the Solo, Viso and Optima 2 range of L&B products. This mount can be easily fitted to the right or left side of the Fuel headgear should you wish to use two audible altimeters. Coming soon is a mount for the L&B Pro Track and Alti 2 Neptune Audible Altimeters. Blank Side Plate

Fuel Flat Side Mount- This low profile side mount is an easy solution should you wish to use the Contour of Sony range of Action cameras. This mount can be installed on the left or right of the Fuel headgear and has a hole pattern to suite the Cookie Contour Rail Mount or Cookie Sony Action Camera Sleeve.

Cookie Universal Hand Mount- Our New Cookie hand Mount addresses many needs of today’s Small Format Camera Users. We have been asked to design a mounting solution that is easily rotated when wearers are in an extreme environments. The new hand mount achieves this with graduated rotational adjustment on the fly. Included with the hand mount is a frictional rotating base, this means the rotation angles are infinite. This mount is designed to fit the Go Pro 2 and 3 range of cameras using the proprietary tripod mount (Option) or the Optional Cookie low profile Go Pro mount. The base has a profile to directly fit the Sony AS10-15 Camera using a tripod screw or the Contour Camera using an optional Cookie Headgear Mount. The Hand Mount is water proof and easily adjustable to fit many hand sizes.

Cookie Low Profile GoPro Mount- This mount is designed to attach to the Cookie Hand Mount whilst keeping the Go Pro camera as close to the hand as possible.

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