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"The best online gear store around, with great customer service! They are awesome people and they always have a decent amount of new and used gear." -David W.

"Amazing customer service. People who care. You're part of the family. Can't say enough about them!" -Melissa D.

"Best Skydive Gear Store!!" -Tiago Z.

"Great customer services l you can order whatever you need for skydiving Green Light is one of my favorite Skydiving Store." -Jose G.

"If you skydivers are looking for not only diversity and high standard items but also a specialized professional and personal service, you are in the right place! The green light is on for you! GO GREENLIGHT!" -Andre M.

"I'm so happy my canopy is on the way. Thank you Chelsea for the great customer service. You are the best!!!" -Bob C.

"You guys ROCK! Not only did you send me 3 free decals, you threw in an awesome pull-up cord as well... THANKS" -Wayne S.

"Great group to order skydiving gear from really easy to work with" -Steven H.

"Thank Green Light for putting on an awesome safety day and load organizing. Dropping skydiving knowledge and selling awesome gear." -Justin D.

"Thanks Green Light for delivering amazing customer service and helping me get my rig, cypres and canopies delivered. Thanks for the pullups and the shirt as well, much appreciated." -Grant N.